Friday, January 16, 2009


Well. I got two of my exam grades back which were health and ELA. (both were A's) I don't know any of my other ones yet but I'm sure there good. This weekend is really long. We got out early today so i was home like all day. then Monday is Martin Luther King day so no school. its gonna be preeety boring but I'm sure i can find SOMETHING to do.Tomorrow i have two volleyball games so i should be getting to bed. Well goodnight.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New year!

Its 2009. And nothing has changed. Well somethings have.

  • Me and Gabs are back friends and we are closer then ever.
  • Im official 13 years ,1 month, and 1 days old. :)
  • My grades are pretty good. (not really sure lol. just kidding!)
  • Christmas just passed and it was AWESOME!

Thats about it. This week at school we have had finals. Monday was regular schedule. Tuesday we missed 6th period and had 7th period exam. Today we had 6th period first then 3rd then lunch then 4th then 5th period exam. Tommorrow i have 3rd period exam then 4th period exam and we get out early. Then friday 1st and 2nd exams. Then early dismissal. Right now im VERY hyper. Because i drank TWO monsters (energy drinks.) I have exams tommorow so i should be getting to bed. Goodnight.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well its been awhile since I typed on here. But that's only because i have to get into the habit of it. Here is an update:

  • My birthday is Saturday
  • Gabi and I have not been speaking since IDK when
  • I have been sick all weekend and i have missed school yesterday and today.

That's probably about it. School is complicated. Drama, People being messy, ETC. But overall my life is......ordinary and I'm happy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

first timer =)

My name is marissa and i am in the seventh grade. I am 12 about to turn 13 in december. My best friend's name is Gabi and we are just alike except she is 14.
This is my first blog ever which is kinda wierd because i love to talk and find new ways to express myself but whatever. Anyways i got the idea from my grandma because she has her own blog. (her blog is called Not A Missonary). If you ever go see hers i am on it.